Friday, June 12, 2009

Sunday loves

I'm going to be at my beautiful sister's college graduation this Sunday... so behold Sunday loves on Friday!

... Obsessed with hair falls! I bought the ones below from this lovely shop (highly recommend, so nice and so prompt and willing to answer any questions you have). I'll let you know how they look! I can't wait to try out a different look. The less than ideal thing about having short hair is that it looks the same all the time. I'm one for change. So... hair falls! If I like the way they look I'll probably buy these, too. :)

... How freaking awesome are these yarn bowls??

... Still completely inspired by knitted socks (these were knit and photographed by this lovely, whom I found on ravelry).

... Speaking of knitted socks... How about these crocheted beauties? Can't you just see them peeking out the top of some slouchy black boots?

... How cool are these?? Earrings for spontaneous seeding. You're walking along, see a bare spot of dirt, thing "Hey, this dirt needs flowers! Never fear, I have some in my earrings!" LOVE. Check out the site, you can also send a really tiny tiny tiny letter to a friend. So cool.

... And somebody buy me these, please?

... This video rocks my world.

... And everyone go welcome my dear friend Chris to the blogging world. I do love him so.

... I'll leave you with this. OH MY GOODNESS this image makes me so happy. Cary Grant! And knitting needles! It's like Christmas!

Have a super weekend my dears!

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craftygal86 said...

How cute are you for those hair falls?!? I look forward to seeing a pic of you rocking that!

BTW I have been dying to try Noro for a while and I love love LOVE the bright colors on the one you sent me! Can't wait to play with it!