Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nobody updates their blogs on Saturday mornings.

Which makes me wonder what everyone is up to.

I can imagine that my sister is in bed with her honey, probably thinking about making blueberry pancakes and cup of tea. They're probably laughing about something silly and forgetting about their worries for a little while. Sunlight streams through the window, their faces are close together and under the covers, hoping the moment lasts a little bit longer.

Ally is working (bless anyone who works at the mall on a Saturday morning) probably cussing under her breath about a screaming child, but she puts on a brave and kind face and works through it. Something sweet and sticky has gummed up a keyboard, it looks like strawberry blood on a white plate. The end of the day won't come soon enough, but she gets to walk by that beautiful pair of shoes on her way to her car, so it's not all bad.

My parents are sitting in the trailer with their coffee, joking about how good my brother has it (who is passed out, mouth wide open and snoring, on the couch in a sleeping bag) and worrying about dry wall and light fixtures. It doesn't matter that they're living in a trailer in their driveway... They have each other and their dog and their cups of coffee. Laughter is their glue.

Sean, my love, is at work, installing an expensive TV for a nice older couple in a retirement home. He and Gavin are laughing with the couple over the antics of a crotchety calico cat that doesn't like things moved in the living room. Dusting off the top of the mounted TV, Sean is adjusting his hat and thinking about Chill Out cafe for lunch.

Chris and Bey are (I hope relaxing) probably off and exploring some uncharted frontier somewhere. When I think of them I think hiking boots, cameras, and large trees and mountains that seem to welcome them with open arms. Chris is jumping boulders and Bey is taking a moment to connect. They're eating cucumbers sandwiches.

Me? Dreaming of a new plan, watching my prayer flags blow in the wind, knitting a new hat, drinking grapefruit green tea, smelling some pretty pink roses, and thinking about all of you.

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Jacqueline said...

Almost made me cry. :)