Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catching up (and my breath).

Well my lovelies! It's been a few days. I know you're all breathless with anticipation for a Things I Love Sunday, and it will come tomorrow. Promise! In the meantime...

My life turned from quiet (alone, dreamy, routine, peaceful)

to busy (messy, crowded, chaotic, lovely) with the arrival of these two beauties on Friday.

We went to my favorite tea place (came away with 2 ounces of thai tea and 3 of genmaicha... yay!), the aquarium to see the sea dragons, to visit a beautiful local yarn store (not exactly local to me but beautiful and full of soft things nonetheless. The spoils are stunning.), went to thai food at my favorite place in Soquel (used to live right down the street from it and I miss it), and had a craft party with wine and kittens! And that was just Saturday. :)

My life has been full of pretty people these past few days. It makes me appreciate my friends and family and their kooky ways.

Other things going on:

... Harry Potter was only okay.
... Made my first etsy sale!!
... Inspired by being able to make thai tea at home.
... Working on some mittens (rav link) that may very well be too complicated for me and loving the challenge (that's the minty green picture at the top).
... Taking care of school business and studying like mad for a test I forgot about.

With that said... enough distraction. I've got to read about lifespan development.

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craftygal86 said...

congrats on your first sale! Sounds like you had a great weekend!