Monday, July 13, 2009

Hi folks.

A little crafty and not so crafty update.

Some things I'm loving today:
... Fall colors... Oh how I long for autumn!

... Emiliana Torrini. This lovely mentioned her on her blog this morning and I'm completely obsessed now. She voice reminds me a bit of Chantal Kreviazuk and Stephanie Dosen.

... Learning a new technique specifically for a very special woman's birthday.

... My grapefruit green tea (and Ally if you're reading this please oh please can you restock me??)

... This hat hasn't left my head since it came off the needles.

... The quiet moments before Sean gets out of bed and the kittens are loose and the dogs are running around the house waiting for breakfast. I like to steal these moments for myself (and for you this morning). Side note: I love my honey but how is it possible that one human being can make so much NOISE?

... Want to knit some pretty berets for the coming season in reds, golds, and oranges.

... My house is so much better when kittens are involved. Imagine sitting on the couch doing homework with this next to you? Speaking of homework. I got an A on my humanities test. Go me! I'm actually studying!

... Excited that next weekend we get to go up to the city on a field trip to the SFMOMA. I'm looking forward to culture and inspiration. I love where we live (more on the possible move later) and these cities are full of extremely diverse people (creative people) but I find that the art around here isn't as inspiring as it once was... Partly because I see it all the time, but partly because the ideas seem stale to me.

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Sean is awake and grumbling about breakfast. It was kind of nice when we had no food... I didn't feel guilty about not going grocery shopping, but I do feel guilty not cooking. What does that say about me?

Probably that I have my mom's blood in me and I want to feed and fatten anything with a pulse. Have a super Monday!


Home of Pie said...

Please GOD tell me that beautiful purple creation is for my birthday. THAT is amazing. AMAZING.

Home of Pie said...

OH and that kitten is the cutest thing ever. I don't know how you got an A on anything with such a cute distraction - go you!!!

Brianna said...

Hey thanks for your comment! Love your blog! I would respond via email, but that's blogger's one problem!

Wanda said...

That kitten is ADORABLE. I want!