Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thought I forgot about y'all didn't ya?

... 1 Oh wow! How great are these lovelies? I love this. So unique and gorgeous (I do so wish that I could look at things like this without thinking "I can't buy that... I can DO that.") and I want them all.

... 2 Obsessed with what's on your refrigerator. Show me pictures?

... 3 Speaking of refrigerators... How GREAT are these ads? More here. (The bottom of the ad says "Don't let smells mix." btw.)

... 5 Yeah, okay, not done with the refrigerator art obsession quite yet!

... 6 Super stoked to see this:

... 7 And this has been on repeat. So pretty and still like.

... 8 Another etsy love:

Hope these things inspired you a little. Happy week!

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