Sunday, July 12, 2009

Giveaway Winner and Etsy Link

Hello folks, hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend! The weather around these parts has been cool and cloudy with drops of rain and I love it. After three weeks of 76 degree unchanging weather I'm stoked for something different.

Now down to business shall way? First of all congratulations Jacqueline of Maple Sugar Lyrics! I'm stoked that our very scientific method of choosing a random number ("Sean, pick a number one through eleven.") turned up with my sister. She's always been so supportive and kind about my unconventional ways and I appreciate her. I like that this journey is starting with her!

And click that ^ for my etsy shop. I'm nervous and excited and a bit uninspired by the whole thing today, which is exactly why I gave myself a deadline. I have a tendency to want everything perfect when I'm promoting myself (good thing for business, bad thing for art) and it's not. But there are some awesome dream catchers posted as well as a few photographs. More to come this week... I have some lovely things on the needles (Who can write her own knitting patterns? Me, that's who!) and will be selling the pattern on ravelry and etsy. Also, how about some bistro aprons?

All of this and more! I'll be listing a few things at a time, and I'll be sure to post here and on Facebook (oh and twitter, too) when I list new items. It will sort of be a hodge podge of craftiness, but hopefully someone will find something they like!

Thanks to everyone, stay tuned for a knitting giveaway soon! Oh oh, also stay tuned for adventures in house hunting! We may be moving!!!!!

P.S. The actual url for my etsy shop is ! :)

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Jacqueline said...

Yay!!!! Tell Sean he's my new favorite person. :-)!! I'm stoked