Friday, August 21, 2009

I helped a stranger today...

And in the process crossed number 23 off the list.

Since Mr. Lobster doesn't read this blog (internet impaired love of a man) I'm safe posting this lovely surprise. Sean and I have been talking for ages about getting poppy tattoos drawn, and just how perfect is it that we now have a tattoo artist's drawing of poppies in our home? We won't be using this artists work for our tats because we haven't cleared it with him (and the price of tats are a bit out our means right now... we'd rather eat), but I'm happy to give this beautiful art a home where it will be loved. It seems like it was drawn just for us. That's the only kind of art to buy, right?

So that being said, have you checked out this blog/idea yet? Love the fact that so many people can touch the lives of just two.

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