Thursday, August 20, 2009

What I've been up to.

Since my days are not filled with homework and studying right now, it's been full of other things.


... Spinning spinning spinning! And spending WAY too much money on fiber. I'm getting pretty good at this, though. Planning on adding a few of these lovelies to my shop so that I may buy more fiber! Yay!

... Painting my bedroom. Remember this teal wall didn't go with the new carpet? It's light sage now and it matches the dark olive carpet beautifully.

... Been farmer's market-ing a whole bunch! My favorite vendor at the market is the beautiful and ancient latina women who sells the flowers. She has the most amazing memory and knows exactly who I am every week. When she sees me coming she smiles the most beautiful smile and asks me "What's your favorite color today?" I answer, she points to whatever beautiful bouquet she has in whatever silly color I mentioned and she says "These are okay for your cat to eat!"

... My other favorite part of the farmer's market is perfecting recipes with the freshest ingredients. I'll share this rice and feta stuffed artichoke recipe later on. YUM.

... Took a little camping trip to the lake with my family.

... And reading! It's so lovely! I'm in the middle of about 4 or 5 really good books right now and it's nice to escape from my (oh so difficult and terrible :-P ) life.

Okay, you may return to your regularly scheduled programming... I'm going back to spinning. :)

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