Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The MASSIVE 100th Post!

I kept putting this post off and off and off because my muse has been hibernating since last week and now too many days have passed and my muse is still sleeping in her comfortable cave but I have a lot to tell you anyway.

First, a few things I love:

... This talk on creativity that mirrors exactly how I feel about it all.

... Crossing things off the list. More on that in separate post.

... I love everything in this etsy shop.

... Obsessed with the music of Sleeping at Last.

... Love this idea.

... And this idea, too!

... Spending time with beautiful people and looking forward to all of the vacations and camping trips coming up!

And second, what I've been up to:

Sean and I re-carpeted the bedroom. This was quite a task and took a very long time and Sean did most of it for which I am eternally grateful. The new carpet color (dark olive green) doesn't exactly go with my bright teal wall, so I shall be painting the wall a nice light sage color. Maybe tomorrow.

I got my nose pierced!! I've had my nose pierced three times over the past 6 years or so and the piercing wasn't a big deal... It didn't hurt much. And now I feel more like myself (although it hurts when I yawn or sneeze or take off my sunglasses too quickly). I always loved having it pierced but kept losing the jewelry so the hole would close up. This time, I have a back up stud and a retainer for client meetings... It feels good to be comfortable in my (modified) skin.

I've learned how to spin! Making my own yarn is just the coolest thing ever. And look at this pretty roving that came in the mail yesterday... I'm planning on spinning it up a little bit later on today... I'll let you know how it goes. I want to learn to ply, but need to learn to keep my twists consistent, first. Then, dyeing my own fiber! Oh the possibilities!

I've been supporting artisans toting handmade goodness. Between roving and yarn and some new art prints for my home (does anyone else get SO bored looking at the same art day in and day out?) I feel like I've added something to a community I am proud to be a part of.

Speaking of, I'm working on a porom hat (rav link) in this beautiful sock yarn by Amy's Rainbow.

Planning some camping trips which makes it feel like summer finally. Summer session is out and we have three camping trips planned between now and fall quarter. Yay for adventures!

Aaaaand lastly, giveaway details! Next week, Tuesday. Be here or be square. Or something. :) I'll be giving away some wrist warmers in a beautiful sage green (rav link) that could be perfect for just about anyone. :) I'll also be working on a blog re-design (providing my muse wakes up and has a cup of coffee before my next big post).

Love and magic and gummy bears to you all!

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