Saturday, August 1, 2009

Things I Love... on Saturday!

Sorry to throw you off but I have things going on tomorrow and free time right now. So without further ado...

... Winning giveaways! Check out this awesome site and bracelet!

... These knitted mitts (rav link). Perfect colors perfect yarn perfect pattern perfect combination.

... My patient, charming, loving, perfect, supportive, glorious Mr. Lobster. Just because. (It's our anniversary in a couple of weeks so expect another gushy session before then... Sorry. :) )

... The idea of kittens being adopted. Not that I don't love my house to be full of kitten cuteness, just that I'm tired of it being unclean, smelling like a kennel, and full of litter and paw prints. I will miss this face, though!

... Working with 2-ply handspun yarn. The color combinations some people come up with are just amazing! Like this one, this one, and this one.

... Tea bowls. I would love some ceramic and gorgeous tea bowls similar to these one day.

... Roving. I'm learning how to spin and now I'm obsessed not only with yarn, but with roving and batts. Here is one of my new favorite etsy links.

... And lastly... To do lists that contain fun and crafty items! Unfortunately today there is a lot of stuff before those items, but I have confidence that I can get things done and have a crafty reward waiting at the end.

A little piece of news... This post is my 99th post. Since my next will be my 100th I'd like to spread some giveaway love. I was thinking knitted giveaway love, actually. Would y'all prefer a chance for a hat or some wrist warmers? Also stay tuned for a blog makeover... I think it's time. :D Leave a comment and let me know which knitted lovely would go better in your closet! (P.S. It will be gender neutral or made especially for the winner... Whichever works out better!)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


craftygal86 said...

I vote hat! =D

Rugersmom said...

I would be thrilled to have anything that you knit....and I enjoy checking in on you through your blog...

Brianna said...

Awww thanks for your comment! Those kittens are stupid cute!! I WANT ONE!

Wanda said...