Saturday, August 15, 2009

Three years.

This is my favorite photo of us... Taken 2.5 years ago at his birthday party.

Mr Lobster and I have been together for 3 years today. We have a cool (and a little bit tragic) story about how we got together, but I'll spare you. Instead, behold the reasons I love this man (this is by no means a comprehensive list, just the reasons that are weighing heavily on my mind today). Besides being the kindest, sweetest, and most inherently good person I know, I love my honey because...

... He does the laundry for all of us and doesn't ruin anything. And he gives the dogs baths when he cleans their bedding so they don't stink it up again. And he takes the garbage out before I even think about saying that it's full.

... He makes the most amazing goat cheese and tomato quesadillas ever.

... He stayed home from work for two days to be here with the animals in case of evacuation while I went and played with my favorite ladies. Then he cleaned the house so I could spend all day today spinning my new roving and dealing with the stress in my own way.

... He thinks that the anniversary presents we got each other (sleeping bags that zip together and a new tent) are just as romantic as I do.

... He buys me potted flowers so that I can plant them in our garden and enjoy them longer than freshly cut flowers.

... He can untangle any yarn knot I plop in his lap. And he doesn't complain when I ask him to ball my yarn for me. Nor does he complain about the sheer amount of yarn there is in this house and just smiles complacently when more comes in the mail.

... When I rearrange the house or re-paint the bathroom/bedroom/living room he nods in agreement (even when he knows how much grief it will cause him to have to move a chair to open the refrigerator and that I'll be changing things again next week).

And I love him because even though some days we want to strangle each other, our life together is just heavenly.

Happy anniversary, babe.


craftygal86 said...

That was really sweet. Happy anniversary you two!

Home of Pie said...

Happy anniversary! I love that you call him your lobster. Reminds me of how calls her man "Marlboro Man." I need to come up with a name for mine..."The vanilla gorilla." No that doesn't work...that's his car's name. Lol. Meh. Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS!!!