Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dyeing to Giveaway!

I've learned to dye my own roving!!

And in celebration I'm giving it away! All you have to do is submit the perfect name for the roving below (there are two, so pick one or submit two names) and a 3.7 ounce braid of the top color combo is yours! If you're not a spinner, I will gladly spin the roving for you and make the giveaway a yarn giveaway! The fiber is 100% heavenly soft Merino, like butter to spin and knit.

So leave a comment with your name suggestion in the comment section of this blog (sorry facebookers, you'll need to visit the actual blog to comment) and cross your fingers! (And spread the word!)

Oh! And I'm working on knitting some mittens (two at a time, be still my heart!) from the lovely "Anasazi" yarn Mr Lobster loved so much. I'm not sure I'll have enough for man sized mittens, so if I run out toward the end I'll make them littler sized (for me, oh darn).

Comments close on October 1st at 10:00am! Winner announced shortly after. Happy naming!

*** Comments are now closed! Stay tuned for the winner announced in a new post! ***


Karen H said...

for the top one: "Tree of Life"

bottom: "Fountain Of Youth"

aka: sokker (on ravelry)

crazyh2ochica said...

i was "alice" phase:
top: rabbit hole
bottom: curiouser
~nicole p.

Anonymous said...

Hi I looove your yarn, top i would call Wilderness ... and the bottom, Goddess,

Carole (non blogger at the moment:) )

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

The top I would call Riverside and the other Cherry On Top. They're both lovely.

Jen C said...

Top: Promise of Spring
Bottom: Cardinal Dream

Valerie said...

Name for yarn. Jewel of the sea? Or the emerald flash. It is said that right as the sun falls into the ocean you will see an emerald flash. Colors of the sea, sunset and flash are all in this yarn. Love ya Brie, Valerie

heather said...

bluebird in a tree
autumn day

Beth123B said...

For the top -- Early Autumn Morning

For the bottom -- Winter Rosehips

Beth (Beth123B on Ravelry)

ikkinlala said...

Top: Budgies
Bottom: Robin in Flight

(It looks like I'm bird-brained this morning.)

Michelle said...

Top: The blue reminds me of a pond, green the lily pads and brown the cattails, so I would call it "Pond Party"

Botty: Right away I thought of Battlestar Galactica, and would call it "Starbuck's Eye"

Beautiful rovings!!

B. said...

You've brought out the closet knitter in me, Brie! Such GORGEOUS colors!

Top: Spumoni
Bottom: Masquerade

Your high school friend, Beth

Anonymous said...

The top: Woodland Fern

The bottom: Harvest Maize

Lovely colorways, no matter what the name!

Anonymous said...

1st fiber: Pacific Northwest. See

2nd fiber: Sedona Sunset. See

Please Note: I simple googled images with the colors you dyed your roving in to find photos that I felt reflected those colors. I knew the first one I wanted to suggest Pacific Northwest, when I look out my front window... those are the colors I see.

Great job on your first fiber dye!

Christine aka Clumsygrrl on Ravelry

jessa said...

I would call the top "Fresh Growth" and the bottom "Sierra Nevada". Both very pretty!

-jessa (ravelry: jessawakawaii)

Jacqueline said...

Top: Barrier Reef

Bottom: Mount Olympus

Anonymous said...

Top roving: Minted Tea
Bottom roving: Berry Cobbler

Christine aka bluepurlgirl on Ravelry

Laurel said...

For the top: The sand meets the sea

For the bottom: Russian Beauty

(Funny...I was going to say Great Barrier Reef for the top one & changed my mind...then I see someone has already said that! Great minds....)

Chantel said...

The top: "Water Nymph", because this reminds me of water, but is also quite ethereal.

The bottom: "Sante Fe", because it reminds me of all of the turquoise and coral jewelry that was everywhere there.

LOVE these by the way!

craftygal86 said...

i don't know how I missed this amazing giveaway post! I am soooo not creative with names. "ocean coral" is the best I can come up with for the bottom one.

InJuneau said...

Spring Forest (top one)

Fall Berries (bottom one)

Kimmy said...

The first one (on top) could be named "Sully Monster"

The second one (on bottom} could be named "My New Dutch Clogs"

These are super cute. Kimmydukes-etsy, kimberly.mace at gmail dot com - email

Beverly said...

The top one: Under The Sea

The bottom one: Sunset at Sea


Wanda said...

First: "Earth to Sky"
"Verdes Mountain"
"Harmonious Hike"

Second: "Apple Orchard Rising"
"Highland Harvest"
"Autumnal Gazing"

Threadless said...

Oooh, I wanna play! Those are purty!

Top: Sylvan Glade
Bottom: Sunset Lake

And the mittens look lovely as well!

Threadless on Rav

Stephanie said...

Top one: Oaks in Spring

Bottom: Redbird Sings

hookedferret on Ravelry

Nyssa said...

I had such good names before, now I forget what they were...

Umm.. - oh Secret Garden and....Autumn Morning!!!!

loomalicious said...

For the first: Faerie Wood
For the second: Blood on the Water