Friday, September 18, 2009


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...That fall is coming! Come on September!

...That this quarter of school will go smoothly and with little pain. And that I will have the time to do everything that I want to do (while taking five classes I hope that my yarn productivity will not falter and that the house will not look like a tornado hit it repeatedly).

...That one day I will have a bigger house with a studio and a huge kitchen. Yesterday I dyed my first roving (disaster except for one, I'll show you later) and proceeded to dye the floor and the tea cart in my kitchen. Here is where a studio with a sink will come in handy.

...That even though this home has its downfalls, we will make it through another year here happily.

Grateful for...

...Having 5 whole days with my man (and that he's gone back to work today so that I may get some work done).

...My Mom's kitchen.

...My yarn swift.

Inspired by...

...Making gifts for friends.

...Delicious desserts.

...Green tea and raisin bread.

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