Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Wednesday!

And you know what that means! Today is the day where I tell you what I'm in love with this week.

... Really really pretty yarn bowls.

... Jaymay is amazing. Look her up.

... Such an awesome print!

... Have you met Geoffrey Weston? He's one of my cats and I love him terribly. He's a secret agent (can't you tell?). I love him this week because he keeps my company while I work. I'm fostering kittens right now and while they are ridiculously cute and amazing, there's something to be said for quiet stature. Geoff is everybody's best friend.

... Have you all checked out this blog (Shivaya Naturals)? She has the sweetest little creative life and the most amazing recipes! Check out this one for an amazing Apple and Pear Breakfast Custard. YUM!

... Oh to be from another time!

... A little Halloween inspired goodness?

... OH M GEE. Wow. Holy wow. Holy cow. AHhh!! Check this out.

Okay my darlings, I'm off to get my hair cut and colored! How exciting. Hope everyone is having a lovely fall inspired day. :) Be back soon!


Wanda said...

You always seem to find the coolest things! I really love that print! And as someone who works at a pottery studio, that yarn bowl is fabulous! :-)

Anonymous said...

sooo much yumminess,checking them out NOW xx Carole

Home of Pie said...

I want the wild things outfit for halloween SO BADLY!!! She only has 2 left...but 145 dollars???/ However I could use them as my pjs...and I would be the coolest halloween costume on the PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unless someone else at the party is wearing the same thing. But lets be honest...everyone will be dressed as a bumble bee and freezing their asses off...and I will be LAUGHING!! Ok, no I won't...I WILL BE SPOONING! EVERYONE! WORLD SPOON DAY!

I kid, I kid...kind of.

Heather said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog, that is incredibly sweet. I enjoy yours so much as well, and your Wednesday inspiration always yields a lot of great reads.

Happy Monday