Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello poor neglected and patient blog.

My words are still hibernating it seems... But I wanted to give you a little something.

Roses and Raspberries!

Roses to...

... etsy sales, thank you all!
... windy days
... packages in the mail
... the kitten playing in my hair
... seaweed snacks
... The Kooks
... Uggs
... having a clean house (and the motivation it took to clean it)

Raspberries to...

... iPods that refuse to work properly
... not being able to start a fire in a timely manner
... taking a sip of tea from a mug that still tastes like dish soap

Life is good around these parts, it's windy and cold with the faint smell of ocean and camp fire. I have a long to do list that has happy things on it (spin more yarn for the shop) and I'm making pumpkin soup for dinner. I'm off to tackle some spinning with a glass of red wine and a silly musical playing on the tele. I love you, little blog world, I promise to be back soon. :)

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