Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Needless Turkey Murder Day!

Things I'm thankful for this holiday:

... Peanut butter and jelly waffle sandwiches.
... Infestations of cute!
... Tofu.
... Netflix and The Big Lebowski.
... My momma who made me buy glasses so my eyes could have a rest when I forget to change my contacts after a month and then rip one and realize I'm completely out of back up disposables.
... Spaghetti and meatless balls.
... Po' Girl, The Kooks, and Free Design
... Spending a traditionally exhausting day at home with the radio on and the windows open.
... Really good books (and re-reading old favorites).
... Tomorrow.
... My family (and their non-judgmental reaction to "I'm just going to stay home on Thanksgiving and cook the lobster dinner.").
... Etsy sales.
... Kitten kisses.
... All of the beautiful people of mine that were born in November (Happy birthday to all of you!).
... And the beautiful people that were not.
... Our home and the natural beauty that surrounds us. And the fact that we can live here with two dogs, three cats, and a litter of kittens.
... Speaking of a zoo of animals, I'm grateful for Marvin who sleeps on my pillow and licks my hair, Stuey who uses me to get to Sean, and Geoffrey, my buddy, who hangs out next to me on the couch all day. And for Mops and his annoying bark and cute flirtatious tendencies, and Huckleberry's howl and sweet face.
... And for you, dear readers.

I hope your day is full of warmth and glow and full bellies and laughter. Happy Thanksgiving.

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HomeOfPie said...

I am thankful for friends (like you!), my sister and brother, my other crazy relatives who make the holidays more colorful and my charming boyfriend and cuter than cute dog. Oh and pumpkin pie. Lots and lots of pumpkin pie. :)