Saturday, February 27, 2010

25 Things To Do Before I Turn 26

1. Learn to crochet
2. Spend an afternoon taking pictures in the city
3. Sew a garment to wear
4. Hit 500 sales in my etsy shop
5. Learn to cook Vietnamese food
6. Draw with crayons
7. Grow roses
8. Finish a painting
9. Create a vision/inspiration board
10. Take more portrait photos
11. Go camping somewhere new
12. Kayak in the ocean (or bay or salt water of some kind)
13. Buy a fun coloring book
14. Paint a painting
15. Write a short story
16. Spend time on a boat
17. Perfect a recipe
18. Visit Salvation Mountain
19. Go dancing
20. Re-arrange the art in my house
21. See a play
22.Visit Chinatown with my camera
23. Explore a new city
24. Adopt the perfect kitten
25. Find a bird's nest


The Loft said...

Learning to crochet will not be too difficult. May I suggest a few books?

Chicks with Sticks Guides to Crochet


Stitch n Bitch: The Happy Hooker!

chrisbear said...

Oh! Oh! put me down to help out with 2 & 11. I've already prepared a resume that shows why I am qualified to help with those:

Home of Pie said...

I would love to take you and Jac kyaking in morro bay, there is the awesome bay area with an island! Let's make this a would be so fun!