Friday, February 26, 2010


If five days of sushi doesn't sound magical to you, I don't know what will.

I've spent the past week wrapped in a cocoon of love and gratitude for being here and twenty-four.


There have been days spent browsing bookstores aimlessly, using birthday discounts at my favorite yarn store, exploring unfamiliar territory, and lots and lots of sushi. I'm adoring the storm clouds and the predictability of the February blues, spending hours reading old favorites (how much do you love searching your shelves for books to lend to a friend and finding one you know you have to re-read immediately?), casting on frivolous  projects, and forgetting the rhythm of work and school (temporarily).

I've been blissfully counting the pretty things from my 24th year and dreaming of the magic in 25.

In light of my 24 reasons from last year, here's 25 reasons it's good to be having a 25th birthday.

1. I perfected my pineapple upside down cake recipe. (I will share this with you soon, promise.)
2. Tuna casserole night.
3. I've started a successful etsy shop full of pretty woolen things.
4. Speaking of... I learned to spin and got a wheel!
5. I've met some really really beautiful people through my online presence and my shop.  (I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS!!  Have you met Chantel, Audrey, Sosae, and Wanda to name just a handful?)
6. I have placed more kitties into forever homes than I can count.
7. Learning how to dye.
8. The opportunity to change, grow, and nourish.
9. Farmer's markets, oh the beauty of shopping at farmer's markets.
10. New camping destinations.
11. In the past year I've reduced my carbon footprint by using only re-usable bags and bring my own containers to restaurants for leftovers.  It feels good to do good.
12. Julie and Julia.  LOVE.
13. Heavenly Cafe
14.  I'm old enough to make educated decisions about when it is appropriate to eat cake.  Like for breakfast and afternoon tea.  And Tuesdays.  That's a skill that will serve me for life.
15. Mops, Huck, Stuey, and Geoffrey.  And Sean.  And the rest.
16. My favorite etsy shops... moonrover, lushmommy, cloudlover, forstrangewomen, and so so so many more.  They make my day... So full of inspiration!
17. Our ever changing view.
18. Tea.  All different kinds of tea.  And sourdough toast.
19. Dreams for the future.  These are an incredible thing because anything is possible... There are no closed doors.
20. The ability to sleep in.  When you're a night owl like me this one is never taken for granted.
21. My yarn was on the front page of etsy!
22. Running my own business.  Even if I am the toughest boss I've ever had.
23. Learning.
24. I got to go strawberry picking.
25. Next year, 26 reasons.  

So thank you, 24, and here's to you, 25!  May you be a year filled with accomplishment, change, and magic.

Oh, and I finished Mops' sweater.  He likes it.


The Loft said...

The Art of Racing in the Rain is one of the best books I've read this year so far. I read it in 2 days -- it's very easy and really really good.

Jacqueline said...

Mom said you should've put on here somewhere "I am thankful for my mother who gave me life."

Chantel said...

I am so glad you are reading The Art of Racing in the Rain. It is a FANTASTIC book. By the way, I feel pretty lucky to have met you too! You ROCK.