Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Letters

<3 Dear Stuey,

I love you even though you don't love me. You wait patiently in slumber until the lobster comes home and then you complain to him that nobody loves you... But I do. You're a tad ungrateful, but it's all in your nature and I forgive you. I'm sorry I embarrass you with kisses and holding you like a baby. You are much too pretty for me to do that.

The one who never pays any attention to you.

<3 Dear Geoffrey,

My buddy, my friend, my kitty secret agent that likes to share space with me but looks all offended when I pick him up. Thank you for tolerating me lately, I know I've been a bit forthcoming with embarrassing kisses on the nose while you're stalking your next prey. I appreciate your support. Please stop trying to murder me in my sleep (and maybe cut back on the cat food, swaying kitty bellies tip off your target).

Love, the one who won't let you go outside to kill baby hummingbirds.

<3 Dear Marvin,

Oh how I miss you.

Love, the one who really needs a kitty belly to rub.

<3 Dear Mops,

Oh my little one eyed wonder! Today is our 4 year anniversary! I hope you enjoyed your two breakfasts and will forgive me for interrupting your naps today to finish fitting your hand knit sweater. You're a good dog, ready to go when I am, but equally happy to chill at home by the fire. Now just stop stealing the covers in the morning and we're good.

Love, the one who walks around the house too much and yells at you to stop following me.

<3 Dear Huckleberry,

You are a pain. But always good for a laugh, and I appreciate that. And I love playing with your wrinkles.

Love, the mean one who won't let you chase deer.

<3 Dear Lobster,

You are a wonderful man. Thank you for all the wood chopping you do... I know you hate it but I appreciate that you never complain about it. Or the fact that the cats sleep on your feet. Or that I have an allergy to doing the dishes when tomato sauce was involved with dinner. And don't worry, I'll never tell anyone that you don't mind watching Private Practice with me.

Love, the one who steals the covers and kicks you when you snore.

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Virtue said...

I just love your blog. You write so beautifully, Brie. This was a pleasure to read. :)

-Sosae Caetano