Thursday, February 11, 2010

list two: My Favorite Foods

  • shrimp, bean, and rice burritos with avocado and salsa from Los Gallos
  • tuna casserole!
  • sourdough toast with butter  
  • clam chowder in a bread bowl from Splash
  • breakfast quinoa with peaches and blackberries
  • hollandaise sauce
  • Benny-Cado from Heavenly Cafe (that's egg benedict with avocado instead of ham or whatever and drowned in the most heavenly hollandaise sauce I've ever had.)
  • Crab Louie from Gilda's on the pier
  • french bread pizza 
  • animal style fries from In n Out
  • garlic bread
  • goat cheese and tomato quesadillas or grilled cheeses
  • grapefruit with salt
  • watermelon that drips down your chin
  • salmon sashimi (melts like butter on your tongue)
  • Jenny Love roll from I Love Sushi 
  • blue cheese salsa from the farmer's market
  • banana bread


Chantel said...

Goodness! That is certainly a drool worthy list! Eggs Benedict are by far my FAVORITE breakfast, so much so when Mark and I go out for BF I have to force myself to order something else because my first inclination is always to order Eggs Benedict. I think anything with Hollandaise on it would be good though. LOL

Libba said...

What a yummy list....someone else who knows and enjoys quinoa, and with peaches and blackberries, sounds like a special occasion!