Sunday, March 14, 2010

This moment...

I'm sitting with a steaming cup of gen matcha (when am I not?) and the sun streaming through the windows. There is a chill and the fire is burning in the wood burning stove as if it can not contain its rage. On my desk lay many skeins of handspun yarn and unspun batts and to the untrained eye it looks chaotic and messy. To me, it is peaceful and inspiring.

The lobster just walked by on his way to chop wood.

As he touches my shoulder and glances at my computer screen set to small business tax information, he says "I like you. I admire your dedication."


Then he's on his way into the bright sunshine and Huckleberry starts howling and Geoffrey tries to escape out the open screen and my camera is almost knocked off the table in the dash to slam the screen and everything is... Just as it is. Wouldn't change it for a minute.


Virtue Natural said...

haha, sounds like domestic heaven. :) Life is good, isn't it?

Virtue Natural said...

Let me add - you're so pretty. :)