Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shame on me!

 More than a week since my last post?  I suppose you would assume that I have a whole lot of things to tell you, but in reality I've spent the last week buried in the stress of finals and starting a small business.

There are a few things I can share, though!

 ... This is Wilson, he's my new kitty.  I picked him up as a foster and fell so completely in love with his cuddly and friendly nature that its looking very good for Wilson's future (we are an incredibly kitty friendly home after all).  I miss Marvin so so much and since he died I haven't had a cuddle buddy on which to kiss and love.  The greatest thing about Marv was his incredible ability to know when I needed some loving and some cuddles and a kitty belly to bury my tears in.  Wilson is similar... he loves kisses on the nose, belly rubs, hugs, and sitting on your shoulder as you do the dishes.  (Okay, Marvin didn't do that and I'm kind of glad because seventeen pounds of orange fur on your shoulder sounds rather inconvenient.)  So Wilson is becoming a permanent fixture around these parts... I'm 98% certain.  (These things can take time.)   I'll know for sure if we get an application for him and I react with a "Ohh no!  He's mine!".

... I'm officially a small business on a federal and state level.  Which is exciting and stressful all at once and my head is swimming with numbers.

... Somebody really lovely is helping me give my brand a new look.

... Speaking of somebody really lovely, keep an eye out for a giveaway soon!  We're still ironing out the details but I'll keep you posted.

... You're probably all fibered out, but just in case your roving stash is looking barren there is a roving update scheduled for March 31st at 1:00p PST in the shop!

And lastly, tomorrow is tutorial day.  And I swear now that its spring break I will be a better blogger.  Promise promise.


Jen said...

Hi Brie, :)

I normally follow your blog on my Google Reader, but for whatever reason recently your text is not displaying on my RSS feeds. Like I can see that you have a new post and its title, but that's it. No pictures or text. Very strange. Just thought you might want to know!

PS - Wilson looks adorable. :)

Life of Cattoo said...

Wilson is adorable, i'm sure he is going to be very happy living in your home (especially with all the cuddles and kissess):-)