Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A note on my relationship with the weather.

When you work in a box, a cube, a building with artificial light, the weather is inconsequential.  Sometimes it's dark and raining when you walk to your car, sometimes light and warm, but generally the weather is not part of your day to day routine.  Heating and air conditioning keeps your body at a consistent temperature and fluorescent lighting does not signal a change of time.

 Rainy days in the garden

Since working from home I've noticed a shift in my relationship with the weather (and with time).  I rarely look at the clock throughout the day, but rather notice the shifts of light on my hardwood floors.  My body naturally wants to slumber at 1:30a and wake up once at 6:15a and then again at 9:00a.  At 11:15a (when the light begins to touch the windowsill in my kitchen) I have breakfast and my second cup of tea.  When the morning breeze settles into a quiet stillness in the trees and the fog lifts from its sleep (around 12:30p) I venture out into the light for a walk with the pups.  Then I find the rhythm of work until the light turns yellow (around 3:30p) and I pause for a cup of tea and to browse recipes for dinner.  When the sun no longer shines on my herb garden in the front yard I know to get up from my desk and begin dinner where the lobster and I eat and play a game and catch up on our days.  The light then disappears behind the mountain and it is 7:30p and time to get to work again.   When the frogs start gossiping with the owls I close my laptop and pick up a book or watch a movie until my eyes close and I shan't awake until the light changes again.

My view in March

Now, there is something to be said for the feeling of your feet firmly planted in the earth.  It is mostly lovely to be so connected with the ways of the sun and moon.

 Morning sun

But what happens when you've becomes so at peace with the weather that it becomes an intimate emotional relationship?  I take great offense to days where it is too hot to sleep, and even more offense to days that feel unstable.  First sunny then rainy in less than an hour?  How am I supposed to deal with that?  Where do the days belong that are foggy all day long, where do I belong?  And what of the days that are sticky with humidity and the tropical breeze blows and the last thing I want to do is sit in front of a whirring laptop in a stale and still house?  When I need the wildness of a mountain creek or the gentle movement of waves upon the sand?  I have to go adventuring (and maybe abandon working for a while) to find the movement I need to set my days by.

To be so grounded in the weather is a blessing, but sometimes I feel like the weather and I need to take a break.

P.S. The weather was sunny and perfect for drying wool on Saturday so there is a shop update today at noon PST.

P.P.S  Chris, I only thought it appropriate to grant you your wish on your birthday.  Happy birthday, I'm so glad to call you my friend.  Oh, and I stole this photo from your facebook, it's one of my favorites.


Brianna said...

Is Chris living in a tent?! LOL. Loving the new look of the blog...

Virtue Natural said...

You're so right, Brie. I'm this way too, with the weather and my work. Today it's been storming out, and I love to sit by the window and watch the rain... Your new creations are stunning. :)