Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The word "Delphine".

I want to start dressing more like a French woman.  Source unknown.

Is just one example of the amazing things I like today.  I woke up with this word tumbling around my brain this morning and as I contemplated the word over my morning tea I discovered I like it for two reasons.  One, it's French, and I like everything French.  And two, it sounds like the word dolphin (imagine 'dolphin' coming from the sultry lips of a foreign stranger and you'll understand) and that word is filled with freedom, splashes, swiftness, rubbery goodness, and intelligence.  So as I sat staring dreamily out the window, warming my hands on a steaming mug of yerba mate, I came to the conclusion that it only makes sense to name something/one Delphine (to be said in between puffs of a French cigarette (but not really because cigarettes stink) and the tying of scarves). 

I'm also loving bed time stories today.  I've been crawling into bed lately with my ipod and a 'book on tape' (that or foreign films spoken in romance languages with the hope that through osmosis I will become an Italian speaking woman with a French name like Delphine).  I've been listening to "Eating Animals" by Jonathon Safran Foer and I've enjoyed it immensely, however, the story is almost over.  I'm now taking recommendations for my next bedtime story.  What's on your bedside table?

Loving also how when I head to my bathroom all three of my cats race me there and come within an inch of their lives as I close the door.  They like the toilet flushing.

 Moonrover clapotis came out of hibernation.

And lastly, there are few things I love more in the world than renewed inspiration.  It could have something to do with the soothing rain, or maybe it's the excitement of impending warm weather, maybe it's the large super secret project that is nearing completion, but whatever it is, I like it.  Yesterday I took stock of all of my WIPs and hibernating projects and took some to the frog pond (that means I ripped them out, for all of you non-knitters out there.  And while we're talking about frogging, I have something to say on the topic.  While casting off that last stitch is just about the most gratifying experience in the knitting universe, pulling needles out of 200 live stitches is pretty gratifying, too.  Especially when you've outgrown a project and have visions of that beautiful pink yarn turning into something besides its current sock fate.  Never underestimate the power of frogging.), some came out of the hibernation cave (right, this one was supposed to be a Christmas present.), and some went into the deep slumber.  I discovered projects that I had lost the itch to finish that were too close to completion to frog, items that I had cast on for and never gotten more than three rows in, items that were beautiful and full of the perfect combination of yarn and pattern.  So I'm pulling out all the stops and finishing, frogging, frolicking in yarnish delight.

Today I am knitting in fuzzy boots with a cup of tea at my side and Sigur Ros on the ipod.

You can call me Delphine.


ritsukurimono said...

That is an absolutely gorgeous combination of colors for your Clapotis! I, too, need to go on a frog-or-finish spree on my WIPs; I have far too many.

chrisbear said...

I think today is a perfect day for Sigur Ros and warm soothing liquids (I'll take Coffee over Tea thank you).

I just got home from my evening run and you have inspired me to brew up a pot and exercise my creative muscle!

Brianna said...

Ha! Ok...
1) My cat does the same thing, but I don't bother to shut her out. She just circles my legs when I'm sitting on the... ahem... and when I'm in the shower, she sits on the edge and watches, which doesn't really bother me.
2) French women are sexy as hell. Even dressed "down" they looks fancy. When I was in Paris a few years ago I was amazed at how cool and fashionable they looked while I looked like a wilting flower in the heat!

Must be their genes/jeans. lol