Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On a dreary Tuesday morning the house is alive with light.

Seeing: Rain and wind. And a brand new bright orange kitchen. And foster kittens.

Feeling: Like there is an end in sight. Finally.

Tasting: Silver Needle white tea out of an amazing tea cup.

Reading: My Life in France by Julia Child (This book is so CUTE. It's like reading a really long letter from your traveling grandmother.)

Creating: Finished object photos, a really big deal, and top secret Mother's Day presents.

Loving: The little stream of water that travels down my driveway when it rains, the sound of wind chimes, my bestie and my lobster (and everyone else, too, but I'm particularly fond of these two people today), Nickel Creek and Billie Holiday, kitten purrs, and the color gray.

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Virtue Natural said...

The orange looks beautiful. So lively! It's one of my favorite colors to boot... :)