Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a Little joy

Wow, reading over that last post... I really needed a few days to marinate in some soul balm and to work through the balance of fun, relaxation, and work.  It's hard to remember to have fun when your work is fun.

I thought this morning I would share some Disneyland memories and a little joy for your week.

As we were standing in line for the Peter Pan ride (the longest line we stood in, for a whole 20 minutes!) there was a family in line behind us with a step-mother (I assume) holding a baby and three other kids looking on.  One of the older ones, he was perhaps 8 or 9, turned to his guardian and said:

"Annie, is this ride worth it?" with a note of impatience.
"This ride is awesome!  It's so worth it, you're going to love it." she responded enthusiastically.
A pause.
"Annie, you said It's a Small World was worth it."

After riding Pirates of the Caribbean two times in a row we went on the hunt for the fabled mint julep bar.  A wonderfully kind raveler needed some of my stashed yarn to finish her hat and mentioned her favorite memory at Disneyland was to have a mint julep after the ride.  While the cute little bar was closed, they served the drinks at the restaurant nearby and I had my first mint julep on Andrea.  We rode the train in the sunshine and talked about all of the amazing people that had contributed to this trip (to our lives these past  6 months) and how swollen my heart feels to know them.

When we arrived in Anaheim I got to choose where we went for dinner... I of course chose the Hilton where they have the most incredible goat cheese salad and walnut raviolis.  Sean had an uber fancy tuna melt with tomatoes and asparagus and provolone cheese on garlic toast.  Sean got to pick where we went for dinner after Disneyland.  He chose Popeyes.  (For those not familiar, it's basically a slightly better version of Kentucky Fried Chicken.  But they have macaroni and cheese for veggies to eat.)  As we laughed and ate in our hotel room I was struck by how well we make our differences work.  Because we are different.

My favorite part of Disneyland was getting my picture taken with Mary Poppins and Bert.  No explanation needed.

And one last thing for you... It's the bus drivers birthday.

Hope you guys are having a relaxing and beautiful Tuesday.

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Ashley said...

Looks like you had a great time! How can you not at the happiest place on earth?! Have I ever told you about my love for goat cheese? =P Your salad sounds delicious!