Friday, August 13, 2010

Four Simple Goals

The dear Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess is hosting a Four Simple Goals challenge and I thought I'd take part, as I have about a million goals to accomplish before the end of the year.  It may be nice to pick just four to stick with and really focus on accomplishing them.  I'm going to do four personal goals and four professional goals, but I'm keeping them light and simple in order to make them attainable before 2011 creeps its way into my life.


I'd like to get out of the house every day.  When working from home it's so easy to get stuck indoors and I really miss the hustle and bustle (well, as hustly and bustly as a little town like Felton gets) of the real world.  So even if it's just a walk across the street or a drive down to the local coffee shop, I need fresh air to thrive.  My current occupation doesn't require me to run many errands (bless the concept of internet ordering!) but that doesn't mean I can't create reasons to move around freely.

Wake up earlier.  As I'm getting older I'm finding I need less sleep than I did in my young adult years (yes, I'm very ancient at 25, aren't I?).  Because I go to bed when the lobster goes to bed, I'm hitting my pillow around midnight every night and waking up around 9:00a...  I need to get out of bed around 7:30a to feel my best.  Or go to bed much later.

Take more care with my appearance. The ugly truth of the matter is that I work from home, so I work from ratty teeshirts and jeans or pajama pants.  I'm thinking that waking up in the morning and putting on makeup and a cute outfit will not only help productivity, it will help self confidence.  I really have a lot of cute clothes I could be wearing.  I'm quite the boots and jeans girl in general, but a few cute tops could only help.

Create a blog space that reflects myself and my talents.  This one overlaps personal and professional, but it's needed.  Did you know that in real life I'm a graphic designer?  Not obvious by this blog AT ALL.  I'd like to re-create this space into someplace calming and creative and inspiring.


I'd like to define my branding.  This is a tough one, but I think this goal is just a few steps from completion so I think it's doable.  Really the only things left are the online shop, switch etsy names, and get a Fall Creek Fibers blog set up.

Spend more time creating and learning new techniques.  There's really no excuse not to.

Be better about keeping tidy and organized (virtually and physically).  I feel so much better when my office is clean and tidy and when my computer records only take 5 minutes to update rather than 3 hours.  This is a good every day goal for me...  Pick up after each work day.

Keep lists.  This used to be the way I did things but I sort of let my creative side take over and now my days are unstructured and scattered.  Lists are important.  They keep me on task and they don't let my flighty tendencies rule my professional life.  My flighty tendencies can rule my personal life all they want to, but I've been working hard on this dream and there's no room for flight here.

So there we have it, an exercise in kindness to myself and my business, as well as a way to keep myself going in the direction I've carved for myself.  I'll keep you updated on the goals as they are accomplished or as they better me and my business.  What are your four simple goals?  I'd love to hear them!  Leave a link or a list or some love in the comments if you see fit.  :)

Hope you guys had a really magical week!

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Home of Pie said...

1) own a unicorn. This is gonna happen.
2) get my PhD and become a professor.
3) marry my best friend.
4) have triplets so I can dress them up as a bunch of fruit on Halloween.