Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where we live: The Occupants Part One (of Three)

We are Brie and Sean.

We like to take long drives to nowhere.
Our anniversary is August 15th.
Sean hates doing the dishes, I hate laundry.
We want to own a ranch one day (with sheep!).
We read very different books, but every now and again we'll overlap so we can have our own little book club.
This book club takes place on our couch with cups of tea.
I do the cooking, Sean does the building of fires.
Sean is very understanding of me saying 'Not now I'm counting stitches!'
I am very understanding of Sean talking about televisions.
We can recite Friends episodes verbatim.
Sean can fix anything.
I can break anything and throw it away and buy a new one.
Sean is very steady.
I have a tendency to overreact.
Together we dream of a life full of animals and DIY projects and a house with secret passageways.


Home of Pie said...

I just love you. Lol. A house with secret passageways would be SICK!!!!!!

Beylah said...

Congratulations on the upcoming anniversary - what year with this be? Also, I love that photo of the two of you! So cute, and your hair was so long there! ...What's that on your left hand ring finger though??

Beylah said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy this picture, want a copy!

xxoo Mom