Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So far this week...

My office is a mess.

The full moon was in my sign which made for a very up and down sort of few days.  I was deliriously happy and then crying over a song and then spinning up a storm and then hating the idea of dyeing anything.

My ipod broke... AGAIN.

I dragged Sean to see Eat Pray Love (he's such a good sport) after he made me watch yet another post-apocalyptic Netflix choice (I'm such a good sport).  I wasn't as disappointed in the movie as I thought I was going to be.  Although I still don't believe Julia Roberts as Liz.

I'm obsessed with that perfect shade of blue that only exists in my dreams (and strangely enough, in the movie Troy.  Have you seen it?  You know the blue that is halfway between brilliant and turquoise?  That blue.).

I've been letting two of my cats go outside but keeping the other two indoors and I think the two that are forced to stay inside are very mad at me.  The other two however have learned that being annoying (read: sit on either side of the door to be let in or out and yowling at the top of their lungs) gets them stuck outside where they can chase lizards and frogs and birds to their little hearts content.

I added two new flavors of tea to the shop and I'm planning a proper introduction and giveaway very soon.

I've eaten ice cream.

And I'm going to eat another one today.


Sweet Shoppe Kitty and Co. said...

Ah yes, we all have days where we fluctuate back and forth like that. All will be well!

Virtue Natural said...

It was just one of those weeks for me too. Lunacy. That's what it is. I need your tea.