Monday, August 30, 2010

Where we live: The Occupants Part Two (of Three)

Meet the felines of the house.

Secret Agent Ninja Geoffrey Weston (Code name 'Sneaks') likes to meow at his prey, sharpen his claws, and plot his escape.  He is a retired secret agent with ninja tarantula killing skills and a beer belly.  We imagine his voice would sound like Bruce Campbell's were he to suddenly speak human.

Stuey Mac Daddy (Nickname 'Princess') spends 23 hours a day grooming himself and the other hour prancing about like he's on a cat walk.  Don't ask us when he sleeps, we don't know.  Stuey is gay, pretty, and fond of belly rubs and stealing your chair.

Wilson is... Well, Wilson.  He spends most of his day pouncing on the dog's tails and collecting knick knacks and hiding them under the couch.  He is a kleptomaniac with a penchant for whatever you happen to have in your hand and he loves to explore new frontiers.  Like the inside of the linen closet.

Together they make an incredible trio.  Geoffrey sits quietly next to you dreaming of murdering baby hummingbirds, Stuey would love a kind word and some rough pets, and Wilson likes to cuddle and gaze at you adoringly.  You're never without the perfect companion for your personality type.

Next up, the canine post.

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Virtue Natural said...

Oh good grief! They are so unique in style! (I think Stuey got some ink on his nose...)