Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things I love today...

One year, five months

Dreadlocks.  Okay, well I love dreads every day but today especially because my hair is unruly and I'd really like to just stick it up in a scarf and call it done.  The dreads in this picture are magical.

This amazing yarn by the very talented Lacey.  Her talent is so obvious, is it not?

Flowy skirts and chunky belts.  I really don't wear belts in real life, but I'm thinking it's time to start.  If only every belt I covet weren't made of leather!  Anyone have any animal friendly belt sources?

The real deal

This room!  It's so inspiring.  See the knitting needles on the table and the jars of knick knacks and the books books books?  I wish I could have a house like this, but in truth, the clutter would drive me mad.  I do love books, though.

This beautiful knitting pattern (rav link), Snowbird.  I've actually cast on in a crazy fun yarn for a stay-at-home-on-a-sunday-and-watch-bad-sci-fi sweater and I'm hoping I fall in love with the pattern so completely that I make a snoowbird sweater fit for public.  I just couldn't resist that yarn!

Xi'an tea shop on Shu Yuan Men (Art Street), Xi'an, China

Tea shops!  No surprise that I love rooms full of tea, but today especially I'm easily pleased by tea.


Sweet Shoppe Kitty and Co. said...

Everything about all of these pics are awesome. But that white skirt. Damn. I want it!

Home of Pie said...

I LOVE THE DREADS. That woman's hair is so breathtakingly beautiful! I can't wait to see yours once they are done! I know you will do magical, adorable things with them. You creative, beautiful person you!!!