Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Autumn

My favorite season is upon us!  I've been snapping photos left and right of the amazing afternoon light and the changing colors.  I love that the days are getting shorter and the mornings colder.

Some of my favorite autumnal things...

Watching Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and other stories of magic (I'm a complete fantasy nerd, I know.) with a blanket and a cup of yummy tea.

Pumpkin patches and the pumpkin picking and pumpkin carving and pumpkin cooking that go with them.  And the pumpkin festival.

Redecorating and making the house cozy for winter.  (I got a jump start on this over the weekend with my bff's help... We painted the bathroom.)

Not getting annoyed when my ipod sneaks in a Christmas song.

Pulling out hats and gloves and knitted delights from storage.

Knitting by the fire with a kitty and more yummy tea.

Afternoon walks in the fading light.

Trips to the local coffee place for hot chocolate and apple chai.

What do you love most about autumn?


Virtue Natural said...

The chill in the air and the turning leaves. Nature preparing itself for the long cold winter. Drinking tea/coffee and watching the gray sky through the window. Taking night-walks through the hills and along the Kern River, bundled up and holding hands... (My husband always asks, "Did you remember your mittens?")

Anonymous said...

Fires in the woodstove, split pea soup with ham and cheese sandwiches, full harvest moons, your September tea, and warm quilts to cover my toes while watching Harry Potter.

Anonymous said...

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Meegan said...

Oh Brie you and I have a lot in common! Autumn is the best season there is! LOTR is amazing - how bout some Inspiration from that on some BFL! And Harry Potter too for that matter! :)
apple picking & hay rides! trick-or-treating with my son! leaves changing colors & amazing sunsets!
The feel of fall in the air and this autumn enjoying your teas & spinning & knitting at my new home!

Koree said...

beautiful photos! you are a natural! hope you had a great monday. :)