Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things I am Guilty of...

I wrote a list recently in my real life journal of things I'm guilty of.

I am guilty of buying really expensive bath products.
I am guilty of standing in the shower with my face under the water stream until my cheeks go numb.
I am guilty of drinking too many cups of tea in the morning.
I am guilty of buying novels I have no intention of reading for a really long time.
of not being able to relax into a moment
of coveting images of yoga rooms when I hardly even practice anymore.
of starting too many knitting projects at a time and then getting overwhelmed when I have too many projects to finish.
of wearing my slippers all day long.
of taking too many pictures of my cats.

What are some harmless things you are guilty of?

P.S. New tea flavor.


chanina said...

YUM that new tea sounds like autumn is a mug!
I'm guilty of buying too many books that I won't read :)
I am guilty of buying junk when I feel down.
I am guilty of wearing pajamas all day long!
I am guilty of leaving all my craft projects around the house.
And I am most guilty of not going to my pottery class for 3 months...

arthella said...

i am guilty of knitting all day long.

i am guilty of needing to return to the workforce but not making a real effort to do so.

i am guilty of not stepping out on faith and doing my own thing.

i am guilty of staying in my head way too often vs. letting out what is really on my mind.

chrisbear said...

I am guilty of setting my an hour earlier than I need to wake up, because I love the feeling in the morning of being able to curl up and doze off again.

I am guilty of trying to do too much all at once rather than being patient.

I am guilty of drinking too much coffee in the morning.

I am guilty of coveting photography equipment way out of my price range. (as a matter of fact I'm sitting in a cafe right now waiting to buy a new lens.... in my price range, boo)