Tuesday, October 26, 2010

About Me: Roses and Raspberries

My high school newspaper (or was it junior high?) used to do a feature called Roses and Raspberries, where they would list lovely things (like canceled finals) in the roses column and not so lovely things (fifteen page essays on the book you didn't read) in the raspberries column.  It was my favorite feature and I don't remember anything else from the high school newspaper.  So in the spirit (Go Chargers?)...

Roses to:  Shaun of the Dead, long beaded necklaces, Robert Downey Jr., merino blend yarn, cupcakes, cute nicknames, kittens, haircuts, pinterest.com, the perfect shade of gray, Peter Pan, cozy sweaters, walking in the rain, apples and cheddar cheese, mom's roasted vegetable soup, Friends re-runs, afternoon cups of tea, really great novels, expensive bubble bath, clean sheets and shaved legs, sleeping with the windows open, organic produce, hot chocolate

Raspberries to:  Movies about artificial intelligence, puppies, getting up at 3:00am to pee, slutty Halloween costumes, cold bathroom tiles, wet socks, losing bookmarks, hardback books, running out of gas, yellow lights, house plants that die, DVD's that won't let you go straight to the menu, leaky travel cups or water bottles

I love many many many more things than I hate.  I like that.

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