Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Death Cycle

It goes in bursts, the earth.

The birth cycle (spring and summer) full of light and pink and whole precedes the death (fall and winter) full of dark and man-made light and saying goodbye.

With the loss of another animal friend this year (remember Marvin in January? And my dear mum lost her canine companion last week) I've been marinating in the ideas of birth and death and how they surround us with no regard to where we are or who we know or what we believe.

I think that if people took a look around, opened their eyes a bit, and breathed in the season, they would see that death is nothing but rebirth.  And while death is sad, and often tough to come to terms with, we always begin again.

Just look at the seasons.

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Life of Cattoo said...

Beautiful pictures and written words, this is so true about lifes cycle.