Friday, October 29, 2010

Etsy Gift Guide: For The Person Whose House You Go To For Dinner

We all have them, that one friend who makes magic happen in the kitchen.  They use spices you've never heard of and they go grocery shopping 5 times a week to always have the freshest ingredients on hand.  Their kitchens are warm and friendly and stocked with good wine and beer.  They never cook things that call for Velveeta cheese.

1. Cutting Board in Salted Maple by grayworksdesign for serving fruit and cheese at the bar
2. Cinnamon Coffee Dishcloths by Easy123 for cleaning up counter spills
3. Flavored Organic Coffee (Set of 6 Bags) by katherynmd so they can drink something yummy while cooking you chocolate chip pancakes from scratch with homemade pumpkin spice syrup for breakfast

4. Hive Honey Set (Frosted Glass) by biodidactic for drizzling over homemade vanilla ice cream
5. Curry Lovers Spice Kit by StarAniseRecipes just in case the local ethnic food market doesn't have the right kind
6. Herbs in a Box by favorcreative for their kitchen windowsill

7. Bird Bowl by catherinereece for used tea bags
8. Altered Bowl II by justmare for serving orange honey glazed almonds
9. Stoneware Prep Bowls by GlazedOver for soy or dipping sauces

Happy shopping!

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laila said...

i love the new blog & the gift guides! really lovely lovely format!!! <3