Sunday, October 3, 2010

I get excited when I read books that use words I do not know.

Incunabulum, for instance.  It's an artifact from an early period, or a book printed before 1501.  I don't know why, 1501, but it sounds like a particularly awkward year.  Just the words, fifteen-oh-one.  Much like twenty-ten.

I love running to the dictionary (computer?) to search within the pages (google search results?) to grasp the word, hear it tumble around my brain and make its way to my tongue, then back to my brain where it's filed away for later use.  It's as if there are still parts within me that have yet to be discovered.

"...this player's gestures stayed inside him, stayed focused upon him, and that gave him an unbelievable presence and intensity. What makes the strength of a soldier isn't the energy he uses trying to intimidate the other guy by sending him a whole lot of signals, it's the strength he's able to concentrate within himself, by staying centered.  That player was like a tree, a great indestructible oak with deep roots and a powerful radiance-everyone could feel it.  And yet you also got the impression that the great oak could fly, that it would be as quick as the wind, despite, or perhaps because of, its deep roots."  --The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery

In case you needed to be excited, too, here's another: assiduously

Go, search, tumble with it for a moment, then lock it away with the parts of you to emerge at another time.

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