Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A little 'About Me' post to get things rolling...

In celebration of this new (improved) blog, I thought I'd share a little about me and my life.

• My favorite color is green. No, red. No, brown. Wait, purple. Okay, I don't have a favorite color.
• I love cats, I mean seriously love them.  They brighten my day every day and they have very distinct and incredible personalities that are lacking in the canine form.
• I have an unhealthy obsession with boots and boots shopping and buying the perfect pair of boots.
• Fall is my favorite season because of the boot shopping.  Well, okay, I also like the pumpkins and apple cider and holiday knitting and cold nights and changing colors.

• My favorite places to visit are places with an abundance of photo opportunities.
• I'd rather spend my evenings with a cup of tea, a classic movie, and my knitting than at a noisy bar.
• Speaking of tea, I drink about 4 cups of different kinds of tea throughout my day.  Usually a black blend with milk and honey to start off the day, then a cup of green with breakfast, oolong, white, or another green blend around 3:30p (unless I really need a pick me up, then it's another black), and then a cup of red or decaf in the evening.
• I believe in karma but not really in jinxes.
• I love the smell of incense and candles and frequently have one or the other (or both) burning in my home.

• When I get bored or reckless I paint my house different colors.  My kitchen was white when I moved in, then yellow, blue and now orange.  My bathroom was pale blue when I moved in, then brown, highlighter green, and now buttercream yellow.  My office was white when I moved in, then turquoise, and now sage green.  I'm thinking of painting my loft midnight blue with white flooring.
• My favorite date night includes sushi, hot chocolate, and a walk through my favorite book store.
• I tend to want to move on once I have mastered a skill.  Except for knitting.  For some reason I still like knitting.
• One day I want to own a ranch with sheep and llamas and cows and chickens.  
• One of my goals for 2011 is to switch all of my personal care products over to all natural ones.

That's all for now!  I hope you're having a magical day.


Wanda said...

I love your new blog! It's most definitely you, and I always love your photos. I just want to hug and squeeze you because the cuteness is on overload! I would love to sit in a cafe with you, drink tea, and chat about all of life's majestic wonderings. :)

Northern Girl Knits said...

SERIOUSLY adore this new style, and the new blog. Can't wait to read another post!!!

Jacqueline said...

I applaud the change.

The Litter Box House said...

"I tend to want to move on once I have mastered a skill. Except for knitting. For some reason I still like knitting."

Hey, me too! Beautiful new blog. Well done, young lady...

Selkie on Ravelry

Jen Martin (earthybaby!) said...

You are like, awesome. Seriously. Will you be my sister? Heh.

<3 the new blog layout