Monday, November 1, 2010

November: The Grateful Project

Gratitude Day One: I am grateful for my camera.

I've decided to begin a photo project, because I really miss my camera.  He (yes, my camera is a he. I call him Edgar.) and I have been a bit on the off the past few weeks.  We get along just fine when there are yarns, fibers, or teas involved, but anything other than product photos and we start fighting.

When talking shop a few days ago with my good friend Chris, he mentioned that repetition breeds perfection.  Wait, what?  Practice makes perfect?  Never heard of it.  Well, Chris in his infinite wisdom had a good point.  When I look at the product photos from the beginning of my business adventure compared to the photos I take now, it's easy to see why my camera and I get along so well when product photos are involved.  I practiced.

Andover, my goal for November is to take a photo a day of things I'm grateful for.  Things other than yarn, fiber, and tea, although I am eternally grateful for those three things (read: my livelihood).  Repetition breeds perfection.  Join me won't you?  A practice of gratitude for one month.  Plus, this gets me out of NaBloPoMo.

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