Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The people at the end of the hall...

Last evening my landlord stopped by with a child in hand (he does not have any children of his own, but many friends with youngsters) and when I opened the door with a smile, he said "My little friend here just wanted to see where the people at the end of the hall live."

The young one looked inside wide eyed at the house crawling with kitties, the barking dog in my arms, the glowing candles and Christmas lights and let out the tiniest smile.

I invited them in but they declined politely, standing on the porch under the over hang to avoid the rain as they took a glance around and pointed at the various cats lounging about.

You see, we live at the end of my landlords hallway.  A very large house divided into three living spaces, with Sean and I on one end, my lovely landlords in the middle, and our other neighbor on the other end.  All the spaces are separated, each with its own front door, porch, and garden area... And our landlords hallway dead ends at our living room wall. Our place is quiet and only very rarely can we hear our landlords through the walls, but I imagine a young, curious child could plainly hear me watching Twister on repeat and want to know "where the people at the end of the hall live."

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