Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Behind the scenes...

It's raining today and I love the rain. Geoffrey, my only indoor/outdoor kitty (he's the only one whom I'm convinced can handle himself out there) is sitting on the door mat under the overhang and watching the drops. I wish he would come inside where it's warm and safe, but his stubborn nature won't give. And if he did come in he would sit on the window sill above my desk and alternate glaring at me and gazing wistfully out the window. I admire his tenacity. As if he knows without a doubt that it will be sunny again soon enough.

Trying to settle into new routines takes so much patience and love.  Trying to navigate feelings of change, success, abandonment, failure... It takes something deep within a person to settle into this easily.

I'm not one who is afraid of change... In fact, I embrace it with every part of my being. "Oh, a new job? Let's get a new house, too! And a new car! And a new laptop! And new foster kittens!"

This particular month has been a lesson in slowing down, letting go.

The job I accepted at the beginning of my job search didn't work out for various reasons (all my own reasons... the people I was working with are lovely) so I accepted another position better suited to my wants/needs/style/personality and it is going swimmingly.

The townhouses and condos we were looking at just weren't stacking up to our current place. The benefits of living near the beach, dishwashers, bath tubs, heaters, did not outweigh the benefits of greenery, being able to foster, fenced in yard, and amazing landlords who offered us an extra room and a small kitchen remodel to get us to stay. And we can buy a little propane heater so Sean doesn't have to chop wood.

And then we got sick. The poor lobster has been under the weather for almost two whole weeks. First a rotten cold that knocked him flat (and cut his birthday short, the travesty!) then stomach issues that rendered him useless. And while I'm applauding my immune system for kicking ass, there were a couple of days there where I thought I was going under, too.

Between the stress of the first job, then quitting that job, adjusting to a new sleep schedule (this is always a huge challenge for me), switching gears and starting a new job, deciding to leave Felton, then to stay for a while longer, getting a new car this weekend, taking a weekend away, having to buy a new laptop and dishwasher, and healing sickness... Well you can imagine. It's been quite a month.

Hello, June. I embrace your beginning.

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