Thursday, May 12, 2011

Today is... Thoughts like these.

I don't wear cute clothes very often. I am a utilitarian when it comes to what I wear. Practical, comfortable, but with a flair for the dramatic. Long sleeved shirts over a tank for unpredictable spring weather, jeans and boots. And then there are the long shawls, scarves, overstated cowls, flowy retro inspired pants. Not to mention the crazy dread hair.

Been listening to a lot of Audioslave and Indigo Girls lately... With a touch of Billy Joel thrown in for good measure.

We went grocery shopping yesterday. It's been so long since we've had a full fridge I was actually a little excited. On the menu tonight is barbecued chicken (for the man), twice baked broccoli potatoes, and garlic bread. Breakfast was bagels with cream cheese and sliced cucumbers.

My current foster kitten has a new habit of climbing up window and door screens.

My camera is feeling neglected and I think that if I don't pick it up again soon it will break up with me.

I've been meeting a lot of people lately with really interesting tattoos and ideas about tattoos. Which makes me want to finish my novel so that I may get my next tattoo.

I never used to make ridiculous rules for myself until I started dating Sean. I kid you not, we actually had the following conversation yesterday:

Me: "How are you enjoying The Wise Man's Fear? You're tearing through it pretty fast."
Him: "Yeah it's good! I tore through Dwarves really fast, too (the book he was reading before the current one). I really should have read a boring book in between the two."
Me: "WHY??"
Him: "That's the rule."

I don't read boring books, I can't waste my time on things like that. Even if I know later on I'll be happy I read the book, I can't be bothered to torture myself with books that put me to sleep. But now I make rules like 'you have to finish writing your book if you're going to get a tattoo themed around it." WHY??

I am conflicted today.

Last night Sean and I argued for fifteen minutes about Ryan Reynolds and Scarlet and Alanis.

We're still house hunting. The place we were really excited about is still on the table but we're looking at other options, too. This is both exciting and upsetting. And our landlords put something on the table to entice us to stay which is both lovely and even more lovely. But conflicting.

I think it's time for another cuppa.

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