Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little Boxes on the Hillside...

We've lived in this gorgeous little home for three years now. Three years this month.

I love the quiet, the wind in the trees, the open windows, the sun casting leaf shadows on the hardwood floors. I love the walk down to the mail box, how everyone freaks out when they have to back down the driveway. I love the window in the shower and the amazing view from the office. I love the orange kitchen, yellow bathroom, sage green office, lavender loft. I love our landlords.

I do not love having to store my toaster in a cupboard, crouch down in my bedroom (we sleep in the loft, the ceiling is five feet five inches at the tallest part, one and a half feet on the lowest), having to move a cutting board to get to a cupboard (that makes no sense to you until you stand in my kitchen, but trust me, it's annoying), having only two closets and having to heat our home with a wood burning stove.

I've lived in plenty of places since I moved out of my parents place at eighteen and this, by far, has been my favorite. And I lived in fancy apartments, a five bedroom house at the top of a mountain, and garage turned studio in downtown. It's fair to say that I've done it all in terms of rental living... And this place is top notch. I will be so so so sad to leave.

That said, I cannot wait to leave! With a new job comes a new paycheck comes a new residence and we found a lovely one. Great location only three blocks from the beach with exactly what we've been missing for the past three years.

You guys, we're going to have a dishwasher! And a bath tub! And a heater!

We're going to live like real live people!

We will seriously miss this place and have the fondest memories one can have over an apartment, but this move has been a long time coming and the change is going to feel stupendous.

Also, from this new location I can walk to the farmer's market.

Hurry up, July! (Things are still a little wonky as far as timing but we're hoping to have a place ready to go by the end of July. Which sounds like it's far away but people, it's already May).

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