Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chocolate Cake and Peonies.

Been listening to a lot of Beach Boys and Sam Cooke. Sitting in the sun with iced tea on my lunch break. Adjusting to new routines and ideas.

Contemplating new spaces with doors between the rooms.

Someone explain to me how I spent my entire childhood living in a home without doors and complaining about it, to living three years in a place where I can't lock the cats out of my bedroom or office... Due to not enough doors.

I'd like to have house plants in my office. French doors that open to a backyard full of peonies.

I'd like to sleep without three cats on my feet. They are wild things that communally bathe and they rock the bed with their aggressive grooming.

Contemplating chocolate cake on Saturdays and Farmer's Markets on Sundays. Jasmine wafting on a salty breeze.

Tentatively planning.

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