Sunday, November 2, 2008

Good morning!

I have so many lovelies to share today!


One of my favorite daily rituals is to walk the property to take a break from work and stress stuff. I'm always steppng on these lovely pine cones and recently decided to start collecting them to use as fire starters. They work brilliantly unaltered, but I thought it would be fun to spruce them up a bit.

I collected a big bag of dry and relatively clean pine cones. I gathered old candles, and some tea I like the smell of but not the taste of. I also grabbed my hemp.

I tied a piece of hemp to each pine cone, in order to dip the cones into the hot wax without burning my fingers.

Then I dipped! In between coats I sprinkled the contents of a few chai tea bags onto the wet wax. I let them dry, and then did another few coats. All in all I think they work best with four coats of yummy smelling wax.

I used an old pickle jar to package them for the neighbors.

Scrapbooking supplies finish off the label, and a wax dipped pine branch is used as a garnish of sorts. Now all they need to do is surround the pine cone with kindling, light the wick, and sit back with some hot chocolate!
This was a fun project, if not a bit messy.

I painted this painting for Sean. I finally did that. He loves it.

These two lovelies are for my brother and for Mikey. Gabe gave me a couple old decks, and Ally and I worked on the painting part.

I like this one the best. Gabe liked it, too. Happy birthday Gabe!

This one was for Mikey... He likes to surf so I just rearranged the previous pin up girl to look like she's laying down.
These were fun.

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craftygal86 said...

What a cute idea with the pine cones!