Thursday, December 11, 2008



• I LOVE this pear green tea I bought yesterday
• Call the floral lady back (XX)
• Make the bed before Sean gets home (XX)
• Photograph Jac's knitted present (Finished! I'm so excited about it!) ( )
• Buy a small bulletin board for my new work area (I re-arranged the bedroom to have a more divided office space... and I put up different curtains and a different duvet so there's some bright color in here for the cold months. This list item doesn't need to be done today. In fact, maybe I should add to the list to photograph the new room? In order to do that I'd have to clean it... which I should do. We'll see.)
• Do the dishes (XX)
• Put all loose DVDs in their correct place (XX)
• I'm grateful for scarves today
and for the fact I made a fire from Sean's fire
• Organize knitting crap (Who the HELL got me involved in this cultish thing???) ( )
• Make that camera case (You can do it, it takes like an hour and I know you'll find time.) ( )
• Work on The Big List. (XX)
• Rain is in the forecast and I love December for that change!
• Finish Ally's green pouch ( )
• Do something about your scarf mess (XX)

I think that's enough for now. More to come! I promise pictures!

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