Monday, May 11, 2009

How I've Been.

After a long week last week (see Death and Green beans), this week is proving to be full of different things. There's nothing like death to bring out the adventure in life.

Friday was a day of existential crises and conversations with good friends. I vowed the weekend would be better. A new beginning.

So on Saturday Sean and I went out for breakfast then decided not to go home to dishes and kittens and smelly dogs that need baths and floors that need sweeping. Instead, a drive through the mountains I used to call home, and a detour to a place Sean found one day while working on an installation off of Redwood Ridge.

An alpaca and llama farm! One day, my dears, I will love on a farm with all sorts of animals... Especially alpacas.

We then came home and took a nice nap in the late afternoon sun streaming through open windows. Then dinner with one of my favorite people and her favorite person (Michelle and Conrad). It was nice to be close to my tribe.

Yesterday and Monday were quiet and used for rejuvenation.

I've also been spending my time planning a canoeing trip for August (maybe Oregon?), knitting a beauty for my Mom, working up some of these lovelies, watching these little beasts grow into big beasts, ordering Sean's beautiful birthday present (can't recommend this etsy seller enough, he was a joy to work with), and working on some projects for my lovely Auntie.

And I hate to be so materialistic on this blog, but lookitmynewpants! They're so inspiring! I find I feel most like myself in tee's and tanks with nice flowy pants and skirts on the bottom. Keri Smith has a great article about uniforms in nontraditional sense, and it's been on my mind since I read it. I think I've found my uniform.

One more lovely from my days of rejuvenation.

Three skeins of this beautiful Malabrigo Silky Merino in such a gorgeous colorway. I am not normally attracted to this kind of color, but it was screaming to be a lacy scarf wrapped around the neck of someone beautiful. Maybe you?

I hope your week is in the spirit of healing and rejuvenation, adventure and inspiration.

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