Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Magic

Dinner of summer

Rocky bark like a maniac
My landlord yelling at Rocky barking like a maniac
Then saying "We have to have a talk, Rocky."
"Some Beach" on the stereo
Huck's claws on the deck outside as he chases flies
Marvin's yawns
The buzz of the fish tank
Flowers unfurling
Birds screaming at larger birds

A little warm and a little cold
Like the weather can sometimes bring more than hot and cold

Yesterday seemed like the first day of summer to me. The uncertainty of a season change, the In N' Out Burger for dinner, the drink on the patio of a bar, the sweat on the sheets this morning, and finally walking around barefoot.

What's summer to you?


craftygal86 said...

mmmm I love me some In N' Out! =-)

Home of Pie said...

OMG I want In N Out soooooo bad. You are truly evil for posting that picture woman. Have you seen my ass? French FRIIIIIIIIIIEs!!!!