Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Feeling a bit emo after that last post...

So how about some knitting love?

First: Some FO (finished object) goodness.

This is the Inga hat (rav link), with no modifications made. And I love it. I used Mirasol Qina yarn (alpaca and bamboo) and it knit up to be heavenly soft.

This is a Fake Isle Hat (another rav link... actually let's just assume the rest of the links in this post will be links, okay?) in Noro and some random acrylic white I found in Sean's grandma's stash. It's pretty. I substituted the chart provided with a Norwegian star chart and I think it's winning. I did cut out a few rows of pattern in the top chart to make up for the difference in size. I also had to cut a portion of the Noro out (the color was too light with the white) but I think it worked to my advantage. :) This was my first fair isle attempt and it began a love affair between me and stranded work.

And this one! I just finished this one. It's a Selbu Modern hat on DK yarn (it really looks a lot better with light fingering yarn but I can't stand tiny needles... nevertheless, the mods are on my rav project page if you're interested). Sean has stolen it (fine by me) and dubbed it the "Papa Smurf" hat. Also in Mirasol Qina (heaven heaven heaven).

Second: A little WIP (work in progress) love.

This will be an Inga hat with some modifications by the lovely helloyarn (that one is NOT a rav link and I really think you should go visit her blog because it's awesome). Again with the Qina and I'm loving the color combo!

Oh and this beauty! It will be that shawl I mentioned a few posts ago for my favorite aunt. I think she'll love it. The neutral yarn is Noro Silk Garden Sock and the colored is Jojoland Melody which I received in a swap from the ever lovely nysssa. I'm working with three balls of yarn and keeping that bear untangled is (to say the least) a big giant challenge. It will be worth it in the end... I'm finding the knitting to be rather soothing after so much changing colors and what not with the fair isle knitting. Weird. :)

Oh and I'm still working on this bear of a project, too. It's slow going because I'm mildly allergic to the yarn (Curses!! It's so beautiful!) but I work a couple of rows at a time when I have the brain capacity to pay that close attention. The yarn is Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca and Silk and it's the Luna Moth Shawl.

There have been a few other things here and there... (None of these links are rav links... all photos!) Some gloves for Mom, a Hermione hat, a tulip cowl, and I showed you this beauty, right?

Okay, I feel better now. :)


Home of Pie said...

You are a knitting machine my friend. I wish I had this passion or this gift. Did I tell you that Moody said you were extremely talented? She said she has been knitting for years and is no where near your skill level. I loves it!
Have a fabulous Thursday (tomorrow I turn a 1/4 of a century!!! Words cannot contain my excitement!!!)

craftygal86 said...

These hats are great! I wish I could knit so I could make something as wonderful as these! You've been a busy bee =-P

Nyssa said...

You're using the yarn I sent you!!! It's always scary to pick out yarn for someone, and not know if they will use it. I'm so glad to see it grow up!

I wish I were knitting. I should be working!


Jacqueline said...

You're incredible.