Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hey, I love things on Sunday!

Need some inspiration?

... How cool is this idea? Graffiti and moss equals art.

... Yup, it's a cake.

... Kittens!! I have three new foster kittens and oh man are they freaking adorable.

... Socks = rainbow goodness.

... Looooving this lady today:

... Entrelac knitting. Particularly this scarf be this lovely.

... Excited to be opening an etsy shop next week! I've been creating away... Here's another sneak peek (see post below for a giveaway!). This one will be up in the shop next week!

... One more knitted great (rav link) thing. I LOVE THESE.

... Okay I lied, one (another rav link) more. I'm going to knit one of these up for a Christmas gift for my favorite aunt. I'm stoked.

Okay, enough for today. Thanks for playing! Hope you all had a safe and joyous holiday!


Home of Pie said...

I LOVE the lower leg/sock covering knitted thing. I would so rock those. Please get them and wear them everyday until you can never stand them and then...keep em for the kiddos.

Home of Pie said...

PS that kitten is so freaking cute. OMG. Makes me want one.